Avoid these mistakes if you want to change jobs safely

The trick is not to run away from your current job, but to change it for another one without clashing with your boss. However, there are many obstacles on the way to your goal. A lot of people before you have made mistakes when looking for and changing jobs, and being recruited for new ones. […]

Self-development – the key to success

Human capital, or more appropriately referred to nowadays as human resources, is the basic building block of every enterprise. We can say that employees in a company are like players in a sports team – without them, the functioning of organisation is impossible. It is also known that there are players who stand out more […]

Swiss Security Standards IncognitoHR

Privacy bunker: data security the Swiss way! One of the safest countries in the world, which has remained neutral for over 200 years, is located in Europe. Switzerland is a country with an area not much bigger than the Mazovian Voivodeship, but with a powerful data protection and privacy background. Multi-level security applies not only […]

5 reasons why you should change your employer

“ – Did you hear that Kowalski from cybersecurity is switching jobs? – What are you talking about? I thought he was happy with his current position. – Yes, he WAS, but apparently he got offered twice as much at another company…” Sound familiar? We are sure that you have heard a similar conversation at […]

What employers tempt new employees with

Let’s be honest… Non-wage benefits like “fruit Thursdays” or “casual Fridays” stopped impressing anyone a long time ago. At a certain point, companies began to compete with each other in more and more sophisticated additions to the salary, finally crossing the boundaries of good taste and proposing solutions verging on the bizarre. We did not […]

Small company or corporation – pros and cons

It is a beautiful, sunny morning. Invigorated by a mug of freshly ground aromatic coffee from an exclusive espresso machine, you sit down at your favourite desk in the open space, knowing full well that this place is not easy to come by, but after all, you ironed your shirt last night on purpose, so […]