5 reasons why you should change your employer

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“ – Did you hear that Kowalski from cybersecurity is switching jobs?

– What are you talking about? I thought he was happy with his current position.

– Yes, he WAS, but apparently he got offered twice as much at another company…”

Sound familiar? We are sure that you have heard a similar conversation at least once in your life in an open space or in other circumstances. It may be a situational dialogue, but it undoubtedly has its reflection in reality.

Research conducted by one of the most widely read IT portals, bulldogjob.pl, published at the beginning of 2020 shows that the aspect of financial remuneration for work performed is still number one among the arguments for changing the place of employment. This answer was indicated by as many as 87% of respondents, beating the next “motivator” in line by more than double.

If not money though, what else should make us think about the legendary HR question – “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and why should we ask it from time to time? Welcome to our quick overview of the other 5 aspects that should guide us when thinking about changing employers.

  1. Bored/overworked

From one extreme to the other? There is nothing worse. How many times in our lives have we heard about this imaginary “happy medium” that is on the horizon of our desires but practically never achievable, or the catchy “work-life balance” that is repeated like a mantra by a wave of life coaches? You may laugh, but there is undeniably something in it. By exposing ourselves to the disastrous effects of routine or overwork, we increase our chances of winning the lottery, the main prize of which is a gift entitled “professional burnout”.

  1. Lack of development/promotion opportunities

Does it reek of triviality corresponding to the lofty choices of Hollywood film characters? Not necessarily, because as it turns out, the second most frequently given answer among the respondents of the above mentioned bulldogjob.pl survey is precisely self-fulfilment and the possibility of improving one’s craft, without which, what can I say, we will never be able to break our consecutive glass ceilings, and in this case we do not use this term referring only to the female part of the readers of this article.

  1. Professional culture/atmosphere in the workplace

Believe it or not, the one for whom the workload depends on the particular week of the month will not underestimate this fact. Of course, you have something to do, so you dream about peace and quiet and the possibility of maximum concentration, but what about when you have a temporary surplus of the so-called capacity? From time to time it’s nice to have a coffee, a cigarette or lunch together without worrying too much about the choice of words to address the client or the project at hand. The same applies to a tolerant superior who understands that something has stopped us and we will be at work 45 minutes late or we have to take an unexpected day off.

  1. Place of work

Life is not a film, not always everything goes as we want it to and sometimes fate simply makes some of the decisions for us. A lucrative contract for our life partner requiring a change of residence, a bargain price on a flat in a district an hour away from our office or a place in a nursery on the other side of town… It is hard to find more down-to-earth reasons why we consider a life request to analyse the application of other employers.

  1. Contract/type of contract

These days, one of the world’s most valuable currencies is ‘stability’ in the broadest sense. The choice of employers in the employment market is as abundant as the selection of fruit and vegetables in Mrs Stasi’s local vegetable shop during the holiday season. However, we need to bear in mind that just as not every product was bought straight from the organic farm this morning, not every potential employer offers equally attractive employment conditions and ‘some of the fruit may be rotten’. We need to set our priorities and think ahead, remembering that more is not always better.

That is all that we have prepared for you in today’s post. Let us know to what extent you agree with our arguments or what important element we have forgotten, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

This post is also available in: French Polish

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